Modern Mod-Rod Restorations: 4 Ideas For Auto Body Customizations For Classics With

Today, some of the trendiest auto restoration projects to do are Mod-Rods (a term taken from a popular Matchbox toy). What are these creations? These are custom auto restorations with modern guts of the latest auto tech, but the iconic shells of some of the most popular cars to ever be manufactured. They give you the best of both worlds; the latest technology and auto performance with the look of one of your favorite classic cars. Here are some ideas that you will want to consider for your modern mod-rod project:

1. Minimal Auto Body Improvements That Are Practical and Barely Noticeable

The body of your car is something that you may not want to do too much too the change the performance. The objective with exterior improvements for your modern auto restoration is to make slight changes that improve performance. First, you may want to consider replacing heavy body parts like bumpers and heavy steel fenders and hoods. In addition, you can get aftermarket body kits to help create a lower profile that improves handling.

2. Engine Swaps, Fuel Injection Conversion, and Modern Performance Tuning

With mod-rod modern performance restoration, there are several options for engine performance. First, you may want to consider an engine swap with a motor from modern sports cars like Corvettes. If swapping the engine in your classic is something you do not want to do, fuel injection conversion can give you the engine performance you look for. When you do these engine performance upgrades, you will also want to consider tuning chips and wiring harnesses with aftermarket control modules.

3. Audio, Navigation and Modern Technology to Add to Classic Restorations

Today, there is no shortage of technology that can be added to the interior of your car. In addition to features like automatic locks and windows, you can add audio with digital displays that give you information about your car's performance. Navigation systems and parking cameras or assist systems are other great technology to add to the interior of your car.

4. Improving Handling with Traction Control and Modern Auto Suspension Improvements

Traction control systems help improve handling in different driving conditions and can be added to your classic car restoration. To start, simple improvements like antilock brakes will help give your project better handling. There are also other modern improvements that can be done to the suspension to improve handling and performance.

These are some ideas that you will want to consider for your modern mod-rod project. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact an auto body restoration and repair service for help adding modern touches to your mod-rod restoration project. Visit a site like for more help.